My internship at CampusLife

Jess Hernandez

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Hi! I’m Jess, currently a marketing undergraduate at the University of Liverpool, and a CampusLife marketing intern.

When I went on indeed and saw CampusLife’s content creator internship I was so excited, I knew I really wanted to work there. I found Callam’s LinkedIn and immediately messaged him after sending off my application, because I knew that if I wanted to secure the internship, I had to show them I was willing to go above and beyond.

I was super nervous in my interview but, Hope and Callam were so lovely and put no pressure on me to give perfect answers, at the end of the interview we even started talking about our interests and general conversation which immediately made me comfortable. I even had the pleasure of meeting Cookie! The cutest office dog (I stand by that).

Jess Be Real

On my first day the team briefed me on how operations work, and I was introduced to all the clients and CampusLife’s incredible Browzer platform. We even had what the team call a ‘scrum’ where everyone gets together to say what they’re doing for the week; I was so nervous when it came to me, I’m sure no one could even hear me!

As the weeks progressed, I was given more responsibilities, Oli taught me how to use CapCut to make cool animations which I thoroughly enjoyed and is a skill I’m so glad I learned. Callam also got me started on more marketing-based tasks, such as competitor audits, tracking the success of social media posts and SEO audits. Hope gave me creative freedom over static posts on client social media, and the editing of our video content, she was also always available for a friendly chat and advice 😊. Kexin taught me all about Chinese socials and the differences between Chinese students and British students, which was incredibly insightful, and has always been something I have been interested in as I have had many modules at university about international marketing.

My favourite part about CampusLife is the team. We always eat lunch together, I can always ask everyone for life advice, and we even get to have takeaway lunches, which Simon always insisted I take part in although that often meant my famous tuna wraps went uneaten! My opinion and creative suggestions have ALWAYS been valued and because of this my professional confidence has grown so much, I can comfortably say I am secure in my skills and what I bring to the working world.

I appreciate CampusLife so much, I’ve even been able to continue working for the team whilst at university which has been nice because I had missed it! If you’re thinking of working with CampusLife, it would be an invaluable experience. From a company that started with student cooking tips (thanks Oli, Simon and Mike for letting me watch the old content) to a team of creatives who produce versatile, unique work, they really are the best.