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Browzer is our bespoke communications platform, built for digital-native writing and publishing and distribution of rich media content. The output is 4 distinct products — Explore, Engage, Welcome, Learn — each platform designed to help improve your student comms and unlock maximum value from the student experience.

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Powerful software products to help cut through the noise of social media and engage your students with the information they need — when they need it — to make the most of their university experience.

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What makes our Browzer service different is that it's not just about the platforms. Our in-house content team supports you with engaging, creative content and a wealth of ideas, to help bring our software to life! We put in the work to understand your audience, so we can build content that really hits the spot and encourages action, making it super valuable from a compliance perspective as well as enriching your community.


We're not like other software providers. We don't talk in jargon or tech speak, and we don't require you to have a degree in computer science to use our products. Everything we build is designed to be easy to use for admins and provide a slick, modern digital experience for your student users.

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Our suite of bespoke products and services are designed to work together in harmony. When their power combines, you can unlock even more value from your content!