TikTok Unlocked: Creative Strategies for the University Sector

Ellie Mawdsley

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Do you worry about keeping on top of student trends?

Do you struggle to come up with fresh and engaging content ideas?

Does the thought of scrolling through TikTok stress you out? This article is all about how to use TikTok to not only generate ideas, but use it so it’s less of a stress and more of a beneficial tool to! I want to share my favourite ways to use TikTok for my role within the university sector and suggest some ways to use it effectively for your role.

1. Staying up to date with trends

Staying current with trends, especially among students, is crucial and requires a proactive approach. TikTok is an effective tool for keeping up with contemporary topics and understanding your audience, as student interests have evolved significantly over the past decade. Regular interaction with students nationwide, such as through the Digital Creators project, is beneficial. Seeking their input and ideas helps understand their interests and the type of content they prefer.

2. Generate content ideas

The student journey is cyclical, with events like exams and house hunting, making it challenging to continually create fresh content. TikTok is an invaluable resource for content ideas, with a wealth of videos on topics like budgeting and student life offering inspiration. Monthly "content planning parties," where the team gathers to brainstorm, are key. These sessions involve sharing insights from campus visits, discussing current topics, and exploring TikTok trends to adapt them creatively for the higher education sector.

3. Develop my skills on other software apps

While scrolling online can be time-consuming, it's also an opportunity to learn and enhance skills. For instance, watching Canva tutorials can significantly improve the quality of social media posts. Searching for 'canvahacks' on platforms like Instagram can reveal helpful tips to make posts more eye-catching. Similarly, there's a wealth of information on PowerPoint as well. Sharing these findings in a Slack channel, as many CampusLifers do, benefits the entire team by increasing collective knowledge. This collaborative approach is particularly useful for client work, as learning from others' insider tips can elevate the quality of the output. In this context, networking and knowledge-sharing are invaluable.

TikTok is not just for the young and trendy, it’s for anyone who wants to stay relevant, creative, and connected in the digital age. So, do you have TikTok? If not, maybe it’s time to download it and see for yourself.