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Leading the Way: The Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Impact Story at King’s College London

Lately, the big topic at universities everywhere, including King's College London, has been all about equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). It's a huge deal now, more than ever. King's College London undertook a significant transformation by instilling EDI into the core of their People Plan. This initiative aimed to create a safe space for students to engage and foster lasting change.

How KCL undertook a significant transformation by instilling EDI into everything they do

KCL needed an impactful way to showcase the remarkable strides they made in making their university more inclusive, promoting gender equality, and racial equality, and ensuring campus accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

CampusLife had the privilege of capturing the radical, enduring changes KCL made, demonstrating how the entire university community—from students and staff to external stakeholders at the highest levels—embraced these changes.

King's College London Testimonial

“We’ve been working with CampusLife to produce several videos promoting key projects within Estates & Facilities at King’s, and the EDI impact story is one of these. Campus Life did an incredible job helping us to bring our EDI story to life through an emotive, docu-style film that encapsulates the legacy of our effort over the last two years.”

Manjeet Turner B, Associate Director, Strategic Projects, Communications & Change, Estates & Facilities Directorate, King’s College London

We are extremely proud of our collaboration with KCL, resulting in a powerful video that clearly conveys the remarkable job KCL has done in addressing the challenges EDI poses and creating a profoundly positive change.

It is paramount for universities to recognise and demonstrate their efforts in addressing EDI, underscoring the importance of creating a sense of belonging for all students and staff, and fostering an inclusive, safe environment.

We can assist you in showcasing the changes your university has made, or is in the process of making, in tackling EDI challenges with a powerful message like KCL's through video.

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