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Discover how to turn your university or accommodation into a magnet for Chinese students and make sure the experience they have with you is epic!

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We're the go-to agency for helping you understand what your Chinese students want from their experience and how you can improve it.

Our services help you communicate effectively with your students, get impressive engagement on social media and improve brand awareness to establish your university or accommodation as the best in the sector!

We track and report on all performance so you can clearly see results and a clear return on investment. Not bad, eh? Here’s how we do it…


We’re based in the UK, meaning no time zone differences and we’re able to visit your campus to create content and meet in person

We’ll bring over a decade of experience in student communication to create a content strategy for you that supports your recruitment targets

We don’t just create content, we spend time interacting and engaging with other accounts to bring your brand to life online

All of this delivers incredible organic results for your brand online. See how we increased followers by 163% for one client over on our case study

Digital Creators & Social Media

Every day we’re on WeChat, recruiting and managing a network of Chinese Digital Creators at 80+ universities and student accommodation sites all over the UK, who act as ‘micro influencers’ that we work with to make authentic, peer-to-peer content for your social platforms

Unlike other agencies, we focus on video creation supported by our in house video team plus we take a real hands on approach in ensuring all student content is on brand and delivers the key messages you want to get across

Take a look at how we utilised our Digital Creator network for Urbanest to create authentic peer-to-peer content in our case study

Paid advertising
on RED

Want to boost your social media presence in China and send your reach and engagement through the roof?

Running Paid Ads on RED as opposed to on WeChat and Weibo means you can target your audience more cost effectively, boost engagement and play a more pivotal part in supporting with your Chinese student recruitment

A strong blend of organic and paid strategy on Red will allow you to recruit students in such a way that you can dramatically reduce Agent spend and instead see students coming direct to you providing better ROI..

See how we achieved over a quarter of a million impressions in just 4 weeks through paid advertising

Influencer Marketing

Our experienced team work with you to understand your goals, sourcing the right influencer for your project and working together to take a unique creative approach that makes your content really stand out

Our 8 week influencer Marketing campaigns can achieve 500K+ impressions, 95K+ views and 5K+ engagements with organic content alone. This can be elevated further still by combining with Paid Ads on Red.

Ready to supercharge your Chinese socials?

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