Case Study

How we put our client on the map with Chinese Social Paid Ads

We are experts in generating brand exposure through ads on Chinese Social

We ran a one month ad campaign for our client Urbanest which generated over a quarter of a million impressions to their brand.

The Challenge

Urbanest wanted to run paid social advertising on Chinese social to promote one of their properties, but were unsure of the best platform to use and inexperienced in setting up and running the ads.

The Solution

We examined the client’s resident demographics, including gender and location within China, and planned a 1 month advertising strategy on RED (Xiaohongshu) to start their paid social journey.

After a deep dive into all the content on their UK social media channels, we selected suitable content and re-edited it into video and blog-based posts that would resonate well with a Chinese student audience and be successful to run as ads on RED.

We then ran these ads targeting students in China that matched the same demographics as their current Chinese student residents.

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 12.18.10


Results that speak for themselves...


impressions to the brand on RED


booking enquiries generated


month on month click through rate increase

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