Case Study

How to generate sales with no spend using Chinese influencers

We know how to get sales leads on Chinese Social Media.

We had just 8 weeks to generate room booking leads for YPP, a high-end PBSA client that needed to increase their bookings for two new properties late in the academic year. We smashed this target and increased sales leads by 70%.

We needed to move quickly, so we chose a marketing strategy that would get a large volume of enquiries, fast!

Our Solution

We sourced and collaborated with two Chinese student influencers based in the UK, who matched the clients’ brand and who are popular among Chinese students.

Our strategy was to split the messaging into two themes and audiences, with one influencer creating content that focussed on luxury lifestyle to fit the brand values and the other focussed on creating comedic content to attract new audiences to the brand.

We worked alongside each influencer, creating content strategies, video plans and authentic imagery to replace the stock content previously used.

To reach the most users, the content was published on each influencer’s social accounts, with additional content published on the client’s Chinese RED (Xiaohongshu) account.

Chinese Influencers


The results speak for itself




increase In room booking leads


content views

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